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Batman 66 Exhibit at The Hollywood Museum

Note: Please excuse the grainy quality of the photos in this post, there is no flash photography at The Hollywood Museum.

We made plans with good friends, to visit the Batman 66 exhibit at The Hollywood Museum. Their son is a Batman fanatic, and our Princeton is a lover of all things superhero and villain. We always have a blast with this couple, and realized that our kids had not yet met. So, this was going to be a fun day all around.

This exhibit, specifically features Adam West's Batman. I didn't grow up in the 60's, but watched reruns for years, as a kid. I have to say, I was excited.

The exhibit holds several collections from world renowned Batman 66 collector's, and features original props and costumes from the show, which have not been seen since the show ran 1966 - 1968.

There are toys, collectables, and the coolest part of all, props from the Batcave, along with the original Batmobile, as well as villain costumes.


If you're not familiar with the Hollywood Museum, it is located on Highland Blvd, near Hollywood Blvd. It is behind The Hollywood Wax Museum, and shares a parking lot with Mel's Diner. When we arrived, there was plenty of street parking, but having had my car towed from a near by location in Hollywood, we opted not to park on the street. There also seemed to only be one hour street parking, and we did not want to run back to the car to move it. So we valeted the car at the lot they share with Mel's.

Note: It cost's $20 to park on their lot and is cash only.

This exhibit is located on the third floor of the Hollywood Museum, and you do get to check out all of the other exhibits. I was dying to see the Halloween in The Hollywood Museum’s Dungeon of Doom: Monsters, Mummies and Mayhem exhibit, but hubby strongly suggested that I not go down there, as the boys would want to follow. (I'll be back!)

Note: Parent's there is a freight/service elevator in the building, just ask one of the front desk attendants to give you a ride up. We were not aware of this until we were leaving, so we made the climb with our two toddlers in hand. It was completely doable.

The Batman 66 Exhibit with Todders vs. Older Kids

While the Batman 66 exhibit is amazing for true fans and brings on a sense of nostalgia to those of us who loved the show, hubby and I realized that this exhibit is not meant for small children. Our toddlers, ages 4 and 2, had a good time checking out the toys, the villains and the Batmobile. They even snapped a few pictures with Batman and Robin, but, the reality of it was, they were done with the entire thing in less than 10 minutes.

Our friend's son, however, is 9 years old and a true fan. He loved every minute of it. He named all of the weapons, knew all of the villains, no matter how obscure, he named off toys that he would like in his collection, and even came up with a fabulous heist plan.


The Batman 66 exhibit is for true Batman fans. For me, it was a delight to see all of the props and costumes from a show that was such a big part of my childhood. It is not, however, for small children.

We had a good time with friends, our kids met and hit it off, and we wrapped up our day with lunch at Mel's Diner. As planned, a great morning!



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