Batman 66 Exhibit at The Hollywood Museum

Note: Please excuse the grainy quality of the photos in this post, there is no flash photography at The Hollywood Museum.

We made plans with good friends, to visit the Batman 66 exhibit at The Hollywood Museum. Their son is a Batman fanatic, and our Princeton is a lover of all things superhero and villain. We always have a blast with this couple, and realized that our kids had not yet met. So, this was going to be a fun day all around.

This exhibit, specifically features Adam West's Batman. I didn't grow up in the 60's, but watched reruns for years, as a kid. I have to say, I was excited.

The exhibit holds several collections from world renowned Batman 66 collector's, and features original props and costumes from the show, which have not been seen since the show ran 1966 - 1968.

There are toys, collectables, and the coolest part of all, props from the Batcave, along with the original Batmobile, as well as villain costumes.


If you're not familiar with the Hollywood Museum, it is located on Highland Blvd, near H