Mommy's Retreat

More often than not, I find myself unable to enjoy the basic necessities I enjoyed before I had kids. These basic necessities have now tuned into "luxuries", not for the lack of support, but simply because I do not want to miss out on precious family time.

Getting my nails or hair done on a regular basis would mean leaving my hubby and boys on one of hubby's days off. He is a business owner, and as you know, running a business is more than a full-time job. It is a twenty four hour a day, seven day a week, job. So, while he encourages me to leave him with the kids to get myself pampered, I simply do not want to miss out on quality time spent with my husband and our kids.

Fortunately, the owners of Mommy's Retreat know my predicament and have done something very unique about it.

Mommy's Retreat is a full service salon with a complimentary childcare.

I cannot convey my sheer joy and excitement when I came across this fabulous salon. I had to experience it for myself, and what a fabulous experience it was!

The salon is owned and operated by three business savvy sisters, who had an incredible idea and are great at what they do.

As we spoke and set up my visit, I was asked how many kids I would be bringing and their ages. It was recommended that we come about fifteen minutes prior to my appointment, so that the kids could settle in, and so that I would meet and get comfortable with the onsite child care professional.

As we arrived, I was surprised by the charming, feminine, and for lack of a better word, adult, look and feel of this salon. I'm not sure what I expected from a salon with a day care. Maybe I expected something like a kids salon? Characters on the walls, toys all over, and mom's being tugged and pulled in every direction. Luckily, this was not the case.

Upon arriving, we were greeted by one of the owners, who walked us to the day care in the very back of the salon.

One of hubby and my main concerns about taking the kids here was that we did not want them to inhale all of the fumes that come from chemicals used in dyes and nail products.

To my relief, the ladies at Mommy's Ret