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The Nightmare Before Christmas at The El Capitan Theater | A Family Tradition

One of the things that I absolutely adore about my husband is that he makes the effort to create family traditions. He does this to make sure that our children grow up with wonderful childhood memories. Even on holidays like Halloween, which have never been his thing, he makes sure to do something that the entire family loves. Even when we think we have no time to do anything but work and take care of the kids, he moves everything around, so that our traditions stay alive.

Long before I met my husband, he started a fun Halloween tradition with his daughter, my stepdaughter, Hailey. I entered the picture when she was eight years old. She is now sixteen. Since then, with the addition of Princeton, and then Skyler, we have gone to The El Capitan Theater, in Hollywood, CA, to watch Tim Burton's, The Nightmare Before Christmas, every year.

Year after year, we purchase our tickets as soon as they become available. And year after year, we are excited to do one of our favorite family traditions.

This year, with Hailey being a teenager and all, she still said to me, that she would do this every year, no matter what. I think that's pretty huge coming from a teenager. Aren't they supposed to NOT want to hang out with their family? It brings me joy to know how much all of our kids love this tradition.

"Celebrate the 25th Anniversary and EXPERIENCE THE MOVIE IN 4D: Watch the movie in 3D while you are surrounded by sensory effects timed to the movie; lights, fog and scents PLUS more wind & snow than ever before!"

We prefer the VIP Tickets, as they include reserved seating, drinks and popcorn in souvenir tubs for each family member. (VIP tickets are $23 per person, regular adult tickets are $14, regular child and senior tickets are $11 per person).

We love the popcorn and drinks, but where else in LA, can you get a Mickey Head pretzel, outside of Disneyland?

One of my favorite things about this experience, is the Organist who plays the Organ on stage, before he is lowered beneath the stage with his Organ. A touch of Disney magic.

The decorations set the mood for the movie, and put the audience in the Halloween spirit.

The boys, at 2 and 4, are still a little young to sit through the entire movie. So, one of us often takes them out to see The Nightmare Before Christmas exhibit downstairs, below the theater. The exhibit room is always dimly lit and fits the mood. But they are never scared, and enjoy the exhibit tremendously, every year.

Another special touch is that the theater sets out coloring stations for the kids who just can't seem to sit through the movie. This year, the coloring station was equipped with an iPad loaded with endless Disney games.

I am always so grateful for establishments that think of everything. These small details make like so much easier for kids and parents alike.

I cannot get enough of this fun Halloween tradition, created by hubby, and I could not be happier that the kids... ALL the kids, feel the same.




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