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LA Dessert Fest

Dessert Goals has done it again! For a second year in a row, Dessert Goals has brought us the LA Dessert Fest. Hubby and I chose to keep our visit "hush hush". We made arrangements with grandma, put the kids down for a nap, and drove straight to Downtown LA, for the LA Dessert Fest.

"Because dessert is always a good idea"

The event was held at the Cooper Design Space in DTLA, there were two levels of tickets, General Admission for $15 and VIP for $35. The nearest parking lot charged a $20 flat fee, but fortunately, we found meter parking right outside the event, and only spent $2. Hooray!

So what did the VIP tickets get us? Early admission, this goodie bag, a box of water at the Boxed Water Bar, a bag of chips at the Salt Bar, a lollipop or a mint at the Candy Bar, and a yummy Mochi Ice Cream at the Cold Bar.

My love and I did one walk around the entire place, to check out every vendor and decide where we wanted to start. Our fist purchase was at the Little Fluffy Head Cafe, who are famous for their cheese teas. Yes, cheese! They put a whipped cream cheese on top of their yummy teas. Hubby and I opted out of the cheese teas, though I'm wishing we gave them a try. Hubby had the creme brulee tea, and I had the Tiramisu Milk Tea... both with Boba.

With delicious drinks in hand, hubby and I visited vendors like The Dirty Cookie, who make scrumptious cookie shots...

Illuminatea, that makes the most incredible Matcha Pistachio Spread. It was delicious in a fondue fountain, but can be spread on bread like Nutella or Peanut Butter...

We tried sinful soft toffee by Venita's Grourmet Sweets...

And Chelo Creamery.

While all were sweet and tasty, we decided to purchase a box of S'more Bites from the ladies at Gotta Have S'more. We bought these to bring home for the boys, who were patiently awaiting the desserts that we promised to them, upon our return. I have to say, I've had more than my share.

We walked around some more, and checked out all of the photo ops, as well as the very cool Netflix area... because no self-respecting Influencer would EVER pass up a photo op.

Ok, so I mentioned the Netflix area. Netflix is getting ready to roll out a brand new show called, Sugar Rush. Check it out!

Our last stop was at a little cake booth called Puesto. Puesto is actually a full service restaurant in San Diego, La Jolla, Irvine and Santa Clara, but their desserts are heavenly and fun. We knew we had to get one of these cakes for the boys because each cake comes with a fun chocolate ball to smash!!

The sweet girls at Puesto heard we have two little guys and even gave us an extra hammer and ball for the boys to smash.

And without fail, our little sleepy heads, could not wait to get their tiny hands on the hammers to smash those chocolate surprises.

Hubby and I enjoyed the LA Dessert Fest, and loved that it only took about an hour to get through the entire thing. It was the perfect place to go, while the boys napped.



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