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Kids Halloween Costume Party

Our kids love everything Halloween! I mean, who wouldn't? You got costumes, you got candy, what more could a little boy ask for? So my husband and I decided to throw them and their little friends a Halloween Costume Party last year.

Of course, this year life is turned upside down. We have one child distance learning, and another being homeschooled. They hardly ever get to see their friends in person, and when they do, it's a chosen few. But guess what, Halloween is NOT cancelled! And while we don't plan on "trick or treating" this year, you better believe we will be partying at home.

Here's how...


Nightmare Before Christmas!

We have this amazing tradition that my husband started with my stepdaughter even before I entered the picture. Nightmare Before Christmas at the El Capitan! Last year was the very first year that we missed it, and only because they changed their dates to premier Maleficent. Not complaining, we love that movie too.

But, we did miss one of our favorite Halloween traditions, and really wanted to incorporate it into our Halloween somehow, someway.


We found so much of what we needed on Amazon, and luckily, I was able to compile it all in a "Kid's Nightmare Before Christmas Party" list in my Amazon Influencer Store. We also found fun Halloween themed things like black glitter trees at Target and a few things at the 99 Cent Only Store.


My husband, being the techie that he is, created an amazing photo booth that all of the guests loved. All it took was an a background, an iPad, a light ring (which I already have since, well... blogger), some cute props and a very cool app called Fotoshare.

You can find the background HERE

You can find the light ring HERE


To make it easier on ourselves, we bought a variety of bitesized desserts at our local Ralphs Grocery Store. I also made Mummy Rice Krispy Treats and a Watermelon Monster, with a mix of watermelon and berries.


The kids and I created a fun Halloween playlist in Amazon Music and all the kiddos had a wonderful time dancing to tunes like, Halloween Freeze Dance, Ghostbusters, a few songs from Hotel Transylvania, of course, the entire Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack and more.

You can find our playlist HERE


I know life is very different this year, but I truly hope you are able to have some Halloween fun with the help of these lists. Happy Halloween! (yes I'm aware it's August)


Going to have this playlist on repeat! This party was so fun, kali loved it!


This was such a fun and beautiful party! Loved all the decor . Thank you for sharing



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