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How To: Toddler Halloween Party

I feel that it is my job as a parent, to support not only the things that my boys are passionate about as they grows, but also the little things that make their little hearts happy. For Princeton, one of those special things is Halloween.

To support his love for Halloween, I try to cram as many Halloween activities as humanly possible in one short month. We started this year off with a SPS Playdates play date at the Pumpkin Patch, where the kids ran wild and free, and the mom's enjoyed some adult time with likeminded individuals (blog coming soon).

Our next big activity was a Toddler Halloween Party. We invited a few close friends and their kids, Princeton and Skyler's squad, and had a really sweet and fun time watching our costumed littles enjoying their very own Halloween party.


I started prepping for this party about two weeks out. I purchased the napkins, plates, goodie bags and some candy to fill them, as well as a couple of Halloween crafts, cupcake cups and toilet paper rolls for games. I purchased a table cloth, cups and straws, and props for the photo booth.

Food and Snacks

I decided that for this party, the food and snacks had to be fun and kid friendly. Halloween can be a little scary for some of the smaller kids, so our monsters were the cutest and silliest monsters you've ever seen.

Rice Krispy Treat Monsters (click here for recipe)

Ghostly Witchy Cupcakes

Watermelon Monster

The Witches Brew aka Mommy Juice

Bloody Wormies aka Pasta

Mummy Hot Dogs


For entertainment I chose two very different activities. The first activity was a Halloween craft project; we made spiders and bats. I chose this because we all know that sometimes, we need the littles to just sit down and concentrate.

The finished product.

This also got them more comfortable with each other and eased them into their next activity...

Toilet Paper Mummies!!!

I knew that the kids would love wrapping each other up, but I had no idea just how much fun they would have. It was a pleasure watching them giggle and laugh, and even wrap up the unsuspecting smaller kids.

Mommies beware, the mess and toilet paper throwing that ensued was something else. But, the clean-up was easy and well worth the laughter.

Photo Booth

I purchased a cute candy-corn table cloth, stuck it to an available wall, and purchased some fun Photo Booth props. Vuala! Mommies got some pretty cool pictures, and even the kids had fun.

The best part was seeing all of the little ones in costume. I definitely think this is going to become a yearly tradition.


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