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The Green Chateau

A few of these wonderful people really stood out, The Green Chateau's Kathy was at the top of that list.

Let me rewind a few more weeks back. Every Saturday morning, Princeton attends a piano class at his music school in Encino. While he is in class, Skyler, Hubby and I walk around the plaza. While walking around, we briefly noticed a new indoor playground. We didn't have too much time to really look into it, but we did take notice.

I then stumbled upon them on Instagram. Again, I noticed them, made the connection in my mind, and moved on.

So when, weeks later, I stumbled upon them once again at the Great Big Family Play Day, I had to stop and see what this place was all about.

Kathy, one of two owners, was an absolute pleasure to speak with, and it was then and there that we decided that I would visit The Green Chateau sometime in the near future.

So, about a week after we met, I packed up the boys and went on an adventure to a magical new place called The Green Chateau.

The moment we walked in, I knew this place was different.

It smelled wonderful. I'm not exaggerating. It smelled fresh and clean and just lovely. Very unlike most indoor playgrounds, which smell like a combination of rubber and disinfectant spray. The entrance takes you through a precious little kids boutique, full of toys, clothes and adorable accessories.

As we walked into the actual play area, after we took off our shoes, the kids and I were immediately drawn to the giant mushroom. I had to fight every urge to go climb inside as I sat down with the lovely Miss Neda Kalhor.

I wanted to know what it was that made these two ladies open such a sweet play area, and the answer was everything I needed to hear as a mom.

Neda and Kathy are two mothers who were fed up with germy playgrounds, day cares and indoor play areas. We have all been there mamas, we take our little ones out for a fun day and come home with sick babies. The play areas are not always completely at fault, of course. Kids are germy, and there are plenty of sick ones at these play areas, so colds get passed around from child to child. But having a constantly, immaculately clean play area, will drastically cut down the transfer of germs.

These ladies have thought of everything. Not only is this play area clean and fun, but there is plenty of sensory play for the little ones to stimulate cognitive development and brain growth. The Green Chateau is a play area that is thoughtful and imaginative. To tell you the truth, I was surprised at how much time my three year old spent playing at the sensory wall.

There is a plethora of cars, trucks and bikes for the kids to ride. There is a clean ball pit with soft blocks surrounding the entire area. There is a teapot blow-up slide, a train track table, a kitchen and of course, the giant, three story mushroom, designed just for The Green Chateau. Let's just say, next time we visit, mommy is going to be playing in that mushroom. Who can resist? Basically, there is something for every child.

The restrooms are immaculate, with potty seats and sinks designed for parents and kids.

They also offer open play Monday - Friday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm at $12 a child. Later hours are coming soon to accommodate working parents. They also offer open play packages at discounted rates. These mamas have thought of everything!

I loved The Green Chateau for all of the "mommy" reasons. But the other day, as we walked out of Princeton's piano class, what had confirmed my admiration for this wonderful little indoor playground was, my three year old asked "Mommy, why can't we go to the mushroom playground like we did last time? I veeeery likeded it!"

The answer was, they were having a private party. But guess who is going to become the newest member of The Green Chateau? Now, which package should we choose?


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