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6 Things to Know About Nursing Homes

6 Things to Know About Nursing Homes | Sweet P and Sky

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Placing a loved one in a nursing home can be an emotionally straining time. Making the decision to put a loved one in a nursing home is something everyone with aging loved ones dreads. If they’re able to discuss with you exactly what their wishes are when it comes to finding a nursing home, the task is a little easier when keeping their opinions in mind.

Many with loved ones unable to explain their needs find themselves alone navigating nursing home options and left to make this major decision on someone else’s behalf. Keeping a few important details in mind can make the difficult decision a little easier to make.

Look ahead of time

Waiting until there’s no option but to enter a nursing home is a common mistake. Preparing for this change ahead of time allows you to be thoroughly able to review all of your options. If you wait until the last minute, you will have to rush your decision, and your loved one can end up in the wrong place.


A major influence on your decision might be how close the nursing home is to family and friends. If you’re putting a mom or a dad in a nursing home, you both may feel safe knowing you can feasibly check in on them when necessary. Some chose to go further away from home to settle down in a nursing home; locations like Florida are popular choices for the warm weather.


Depending on the person’s personality, the size of the nursing home can majorly affect how comfortable they are there. If you’re loved one has an outgoing personality, a larger facility with a lot of stimulation might benefit them more than more reserved personalities. Even for quieter people, the opportunity to interact often with others may help to keep them agile.

Services offered

Healthcare at nursing homes varies between facilities and it’s crucial for your loved one that they can receive the specific care they need. Aside from healthcare, meals and activities are important parts of residents’ experiences in nursing homes. Quality of food, meal assistance, and enjoyable activities will help make your loved one’s adjustment to life in a nursing home easier.


Nursing homes can get extremely expensive, and you may end up having to help foot the bill at some point. The average cost of a private room is over $8,000 a month, and a semi-private room can be around $7,000. If you’re looking to save money and are comfortable with a shared living space, opting for the semi-private room can be a good way to save money. Medicare can also cover a small portion of the cost.

Red Flags

In addition to the positive aspects of nursing homes, you also need to be alert for the negatives. Sending a loved on to a nursing home, only for them to be mistreated is the biggest fear people have when making this decision. You can easily find reviews for nursing homes online to see if people have had negative experiences.

If the nursing home you do choose is negligent or harmful to your loved one, you should contact a nursing home negligence attorney.



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