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Summertime Fun, Children's Parties, Adventures And Boiron®

This blog is sponsored by Boiron® and PTPA. All opinions expressed are my own.

This summer has been crazy! We have had the best of times, we have had summer colds, we have taken family trips, had the best pool days, beach days and parties! Oh, the parties!

Our boys are becoming such social butterflies. They’ve always been social, but lately, their social life seems to be really taking off… and surpassing hubby and I’s social life threefold. One day, a few weeks ago, we attended three parties. All were birthdays of their little buddies. THREE… in one day! THREE! I mean, come on! I don’t think I went to that many parties on my best day. But I digress.

I do have to say, that it is really a lot of fun. The kids all have such a good time that it’s worth every exhausting minute for us parents. It’s fun seeing them have fun. Plain and simple!

They are making beautiful bonds with their friends, and I see these bonds solidifying more and more every time we go to one of these little parties. It’s beautiful and sweet.

Well, with all of these parties comes party food. Pizza, hot dogs, cake, and if we’re lucky, a platter or two of fruit and veggies. All delicious, and seriously some of my favorite comfort foods. I mean, cake people! Three parties mean three cakes! Win!

But, what that spells at the end of a long day of partying is, heartburn and indigestion. And once upon a time, I would have had to make sure we ate healthier meals before the party, just to avoid the horrific burning in my stomach, and the stomach acid coming up my esophagus if I’m not careful.

How is a parent supposed to run around, tumbling and fumbling with their children, when all they could do is worry about not bending over too low, so that their stomach acid does not come up? One option would be to sit out on all of the fun. But that is just not me! I enjoy playing with my boys. I love trying to keep up with them, climbing whatever play gyms I can fit in, and scaling bouncy house obstacle courses (where I may or may not have gotten a flying punching bag straight to the face).

I don’t want to miss out on this precious time with my children. I want to be the parent who is there with them, right by their side, playing, goofing off, having fun, and keeping up. So, heartburn and indigestion will not prevent me from having a good time with my babies.

This leads me to option number two, my favorite solution for heartburn and indigestion problems is always Acidil® by Boiron.* I carry it with me wherever I go, and thank my lucky stars that I found a remedy to an age-old problem.

Acidil temporarily relieves my heartburn and indigestion, has no known drug interactions and has no restrictions on when it can be taken.* It has helped me be the parent that I want to be. The one who plays with her children, rather than sits on the sidelines. It’s absolutely perfect for a long day of hard partying, kiddy style!


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*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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Boiron is such an amazing brand! We’ve trusted this grand since kali was born!! So I know this Acidil works great too!



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