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Screen time Checklist

It's no secret, screen time around here has tripled during the pandemic. Sometimes it serves as a teacher, sometimes it serves as family time, and sometimes it simply serves as a babysitter. Sometimes, we all just need a little time away from each other, while still here in the house. But for the most part, I'm feeling like we all need a little more structure in our lives.

So, while talking to a good friend, I was clued in on a screen time checklist that she uses for her girls. She mentioned how helpful it had become for their family, and how it even helps with a few tiny chores around the house. Mostly tidying their rooms, making their beds and cleaning up after they play. But hey, every little bit helps.

I loved her list, and made a few changes to fit our schedule.

One of our boys is an extremely early riser, and to allow everyone to have a little extra time in bed, we allow screen time. Of course, this mens that when the other dude wakes up, he's got to have screen time as well. It's only fair.

I also like to give the boys their iPads at lunch. This way, they get a little bit of screen time before we go out and play for a bit.

Our boys also get screen time at dinner, and again at the end of their night. They like to play a match or two of Fortnite with hubby before bed.

This is our schedule for the time being. But it can change, so I prefer to hand write our screen times in on the printed schedule...

I have created three Screen Time Checklists for you to use as needed. One neutral, one pink and one blue/green.

Neutral Screen Time Checklist

Pink Screen Time Checklist

Blue/Green Screen Time Checklist



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