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Peace of Mind with the Lollipop Camera

Skyler recently turned two years old. He still sleeps in a crib, and I hope to keep it that way until he no longer fits. Believe me folks, we are in no rush to switch to a toddler bed.

So, because he doesn't have the freedom or the ability to leave his crib when he wakes up, he has to call for Mama, Papa or Grandma Faya. Basically, whomever is on Skyler duty at the moment.

Sometimes his faint calls are not heard until they turn into loud screams for someone to come get him. This is a rare occurrence, but it does happen if say, we are downstairs in the kitchen. We do have a monitor, but that stays on my bedside table. The battery dies fast if it's not plugged in.

The thing is, while I love our monitor, which helps me keep an eye and a ear on Skyler, should he wake in the middle of the night, hubby and I both felt like we needed something more. I wanted the ability to check in him from my phone, wherever I happened to be. Especially, when going out of town.

With a little bit of research, I found the Lollipop Cam. The design alone, caught my eye immediately. The features sold it.

It took me 15 minutes to instal and set up, all by myself. Actually, the majority of that time was spent on trying to find the drill.

It was so easy!

The first step was to stick this base onto the wall by peeling the sticker off of the back. Step two was to drill three screws into the three wholes on the base, to keep it in place.

Next, I simply placed the wall mount onto the base, creating a fixture for the actual Lollipop Cam to sit in. For smaller babies, the Lollipop Cam can simply wrap around the crib railing. However, my toddler would pull it off in nanoseconds, leaving me with a view of anything but him. So, wall mount it is!

Once the wall mount was on, all I had to do was set the Lollipop Cam in place, download the app on my iPhone (it's compatible with Androids as well), and sync it.

The Lollipop Camera comes in three different colors, Turquoise, Cotton Candy and Pistachio. All are adorable, and all are perfect for nurseries and toddler rooms.

I am very happy with the finished result.

This camera looks great, it's easy to instal and set up, and has a plethora of useful features. My favorite? The notifications I receive on my phone throughout the day.

Today, I was with clients most of the day, and all day, I received notifications about my son and his room. It's as though I was right there with him.

I cannot put into words, the peace of mind this adorable little camera has brought me.

The Lollipop Camera retails $155 and can be purchase on Amazon or direct at

For more information about the Lollipop Camera, visit

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