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Where to Eat when Visiting Downtown San Diego

On a recent day trip to San Diego, I discovered the Seaport Village, which is home to a variety of dining and retail options located in Downtown San Diego. Being a Los Angeles resident, it is rather rare that I venture that far south into San Diego. We mostly do not go much farther than Mission Bay near SeaWorld... because kids.

So when planning my SD Mommy Blogger Tribe's next event, I decided to venture farther to treat my tribe to a very special brunch, right on the water.

Quiero Tacos SD

This unassuming little restaurant with the Mike Hess Brewing sign and a bright, colorful covered patio, is nestled along Seaport Village's Northern boardwalk. Its gorgeous ocean views and fun atmosphere, make it the perfect place for a relaxing meal.


Of course, Quiero Tacos has, you guessed it, a variety of delectable tacos. From Seaside Spinach Octopus to Hawaiian Chorizo, every bite is drool-worthy. But Quiero Tacos does not stop at tacos. The snack, starter and side options or scrumptious, and they serve breakfast until 11:30am daily.

What We Ate

Because I arrived first, I asked the manager, Sarai, to set our table with their most popular dishes. This is what she brought out.

Everything we tried was incredible. From the tacos to the nachos, to the poke, the melt-in-your-mouth fish and chips. Try the fish and chips, friends!

I want to thank Quiero Tacos for hosting and spoiling the SD Mommy Blogger Tribe. We simply cannot wait to come back!

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