Lionsgate Turtle Tale

We are huge fans of exploring, learning and exposing our kids to new experiences. The thought behind it is that we not only have fun, but we get to see what catches our kid's attention, and what interests them. The more we know about their interests, the more we are able to tailer our activities to help harvest those interests.

Recently, we had the opportunity to visit Reptacular Animals in Sylmar, CA, for a Lionsgate movie release party. The movie? Turtle Tale, an adorable live-action movie about a turtle named Hank, who is eager to leave his pond because he is convinced that great adventure awaits.

The setting was breathtaking, with 360 degree views of the mountains surrounding us.

The lovely property immediately inspired the boys to start dancing.

We were seated in a lovely shaded area where, we were the boys (and mama), were taught all about turtles and tortoises, and they got to touch and hold several different species.