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Letting Your Child Decorate Your Home For Halloween | Decorating On A Budget

You may remember last year's article about letting our toddler pick all of our Halloween decorations. You can find it here. We did it on a budget, empowered our son, and had a blast doing it. So, we decided to make it a Halloween tradition.

Today, while our 2 year old napped, our almost 4 year-old and I went to the 99 Cent Only Store, to pick out this year's decorations.

Because almost everything in the store is $0.99 cents, I told Princeton he could pick whatever he wanted, and made sure to keep my "no's" to a minimum. I can't even begin to tell you how many hugs and "I love you's" I got from our little boy, while he picked out all of the decorations he liked. When he wanted too many of one thing, I simply asked him where he would place those things and if he had a plan, we got them all. Mostly, he would realize that he didn't need as many as he wanted and moved on to the next decoration of choice.

I love this idea because what it says to our son is, we trust you!

Our 99 Cent Only Store haul only cost us $41 and change. We purchased enough decorations to complete our front entrance, to create a grave yard in our garden, to add a few masks to our kid's growing collection, a few decorations for their rooms, as well as some for our living room and even kitchen (which I like to keep to a minimum).

This is our haul...

While we threw away most of the decorations we purchased last year, we did keep a few, and reused them this year, with the addition of a few new ones. These were mostly for the entrance to our home.

Can you tell Princeton is STILL really into skeletons?

Next, we decorated our garden...

Each of these little grave stones were only $0.99 cents. We made a stop at Michael's before heading home, and found the same grave stones at $18.99 for a pack of 3. I'd say this was a successful find.

The boys were both very happy with how the garden turned out, and I'm not gonna lie, I kind of love it too.

Next, we did a tiny bit of decorating inside. Mainly the mantel above our fireplace and a few things here and there around the house. Again, I prefer to keep it to a minimum inside, because our house is already inundated with toys.

I have to say, I'm impressed with Princeton's decorations, and so happy to get to do this with him every year. I can't wait to get Skyler involved next year.

Happy Halloween!




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