How To Staycation On Your Anniversary

This year, hubby and I wanted to make our Anniversary as special as we do every year. However, with the help of Covid 19, our cruise was cancelled, we decided agains Big Sur due to fires, and our Catalina Island idea was a flop because, with everything going on, we did not want to be stuck on an island away from our kids. You know, in case we needed to get back to the kids in a hurry. To top it off, our anniversary fell on a Monday this year! We could work around our schedules, but most certainly NOT around our kid's school schedules. Between Distance Learning and Homeschooling, we really could not get away for too long without throwing off our kid's schooling.

Being two very determined people, who never pass up an opportunity to be alone together, we decided on a staycation. What is the meaning of staycation to you? To me, it's spending the night in any Los Angeles area that I regularly frequent without having to spend the night. Does that make sense?

So, hubby took a chance and booked a night at hotel we've never visited before.


Reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden Age with its curving ocean liner-inspired architecture and whimsical Art Deco design, Hotel Shangri-La at the Ocean has been welcoming guests to the beach since 1939. Boasting one of the best locations in downtown Santa Monica, the hotel is walking distance to the beach, Santa Monica Pier, Third Street Promenade and a plethora of iconic restaurants.

From the moment we set foot inside Hotel Shagri-La, it felt like we stepped into the past. I'm not being overdramatic when I say, it truly felt like we were living in the 1940. It set this fun 40's mood that I could not shake no matter where we went, and I loved it!

We stayed in a lovely Terrace Suite, with beautiful ocean view, a large terrace, a spacious living room with sleeper sofa and a fully equipped gourmet kitchen. So if I wanted to bake, there's an oven!

You can take our Room Tour here.

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