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Dodgers Holiday Festival Drive Thru Experience

It seems like as of late, drive-thru experiences are the way to go. This pandemic surely has changed the way we do things these days. From the way we shop to the way we eat, and definitely the way we have fun.

Well, the holiday drive-thru, is one of my favorite new experiences.

I can only imagine the longing of baseball fans everywhere, to be at one of their favorite places this year. With no fans in the stands, Dodger Stadium has been something they have been forced to admired from afar this baseball season. Dodgers Holiday Festival not only allows fans back on stadium grounds, but also allows them to, in some small way, celebrate this year's World Series win. Oh yeah, there's also the Holidays!!

There is magic in driving through such a familiar location. Once again, hubby and I got to reminisce about our dating days, back when he was a Stadium Operations Manager at Dodgers Stadium. Our boys enjoyed the experience a great deal as well, because they are now tiny Dodger fans. (Princeton's 1st grade teacher is a huge fan, and has sparked an interest in our boy).

Check out the Instagram Reel HERE.

Of course, I can't say enough about the ease of doing a drive-thru experience. We dressed the boys in their jammies and warm socks. They were extra comfortable and cozy in the safety of our own car; far away from any Covid-19 risks. And when the experience was over, they were able to fall asleep on the drive home without mommy worrying about having to wake them up to change them for bed.

The car to bed experience at the end of the night is definitely worth the price of admission.

What you should know

- Tickets are sold HERE, and range in price from $55 for the earlier admission times, to $115 for the late times.

- Entrance times start at 5:00pm daily, with the last entry at 9:00pm.

- Opening weekend sold out quickly, but there are plenty of dates available through December 24th.

- We decided to take the 9:00pm slot last Friday, and it worked out really well for us, as there was no traffic on the drive to or from Dodger Stadium. If you are closer to the Stadium, or don't mind the traffic, I would suggest an earlier time to save on ticket cost.

- Lastly, your entrance gate is GATE E, which is nearest to the 110 freeway.

Lets go Dodgers, Lets Go!



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