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Coffee Con LA

You may have already read that hubby and I are big coffee drinkers. We love the stuff! So, when we got wind that the Coffee Con was coming to LA, we wanted in.

So, a couple of Sunday's ago, we headed Downtown to explore Coffee Con LA.

Coffee Con was held on the 2nd floor of The Reef L.A. building. I had been there once before for the LA Baby Show, so I was somewhat familiar with the layout.

We got our press passes in the downstairs lobby, and made our way up to a fun coffee tasting upstairs.

Can you believe we even entertained the idea of not having our morning Joe, just so we could save ourselves for all of the gourmet coffees we were about to taste? Yeah, that idea was shot down by hubby in about a nanosecond.

When we finally got up to the second floor, the smell of coffee was in the air and the crowd was buzzing with excitement. The very first booth we saw was promoting the Amazon Echo coffee maker. YES... it works with your Alexa/Echo and through your phone. So you can be out walking with the kids at an unGodly hour (yes, I'm speaking from experience), and set your coffee to brew by the time you get home... from your phone. You can also tell Alexa to brew your coffee.

Unfortunately, the booth was crowded every time we walked by, so I did not get a good picture. Sorry, folks.

Hubby and I walked around and tried coffee after coffee; we were told about each exhibitor's unique ways of roasting their beans, and their individual flavors. It was interesting, and delicious, but we were missing one thing... the creamer.

We realized quickly that we are creamer people. If there is one thing that I would recommend to the exhibitors for next years Coffee Con, it's this... bring creamer!

With tons of coffee exhibitors, a few stood out of the crowd. One of my favorite coffee's at this convention, Muddy Paw Coffee LA. "Have a Cup, Save a Pup" is their motto, and 10% of their proceeds go to local animal charities. They got their start during Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, which left thousands of pets stranded.

I love them because they help animals, but they are not just a gimmicky coffee shop. They actually make delicious coffee. My favorite? The sparkling coffee! It's lite, it's bubbly and it's refreshing. I will definitely be visiting their shop in Silverlake very soon.

Hands down, my favorite exhibitor at Coffee Con LA was NutraMilk. I know, I know, not even coffee.

I'll say this, I hate milk! I don't like Soy milk, I don't like Almond milk, and I most definitely can't stand the taste of animal milk. Nothing about milk, any kind of milk, appeals to me. So when we walked up to this exhibitor, I reluctantly took a sample of their Almond milk... and oh my God, my mind was blown.

Hubby and I could not believe how delicious, frothy and sweet this little taste of Almond milk was. It was like drinking a milkshake, only there was no sugar added. Almonds and a tiny pinch of salt, made this Almond milk beyond tasty.

We ended our day at Coffee Con LA, with an adult beverage, at Coffee Con's bar area. Well, I ended our day with an adult beverage. Hubby has never had a sip of alcohol in his life, so he sat this one out.

Grey Goose Vodka teamed up with Coffeelove, to bring us a delicious coffee martini. It was strong, but I wasn't complaining.

We got to try some great products at Coffee Con LA, and had fun because we always have a good time when we are together. I look forward to next year's Coffee Con being bigger and better, and I can't wait to try more delicious coffee.



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