One Night In Palm Springs

We made plans for hubby's Birthday months ago. We were going to Vegas for a few nights with good friends. Those plans, as you can tell by the title of this post, did not come to fruition. We had to cancel our trip altogether. As sad as that was, it was necessary.

Instead, we booked our favorite room, in one of our favorite hotels, overlooking the ocean, in Ventura, CA. This too, did not pan out, and we had to cancel our cliffside getaway, last minute due to the horrific California wildfires. We were at a loss, until we remembered how much fun we had in Palm Springs, oh so many years ago, when we were just dating. In fact, our very first trip together, was a weekend in Palm Springs for my Birthday. Fond memories, indeed.

So, in true Holliman fashion, we figured out a way to get away!

We looked online, and booked what looked like a lovely room at La Serena Villas. We woke up the next day, spent the morning with our kids, then packed and were on the road to Palm Springs, as soon as the boys went down for their naps.

I have to say, I was extremely nervous because I wanted to make sure that hubby had an incredible Birthday this year. Especially since all of our plans had fallen apart. He's also been working so hard, I just wanted him to get his mind off of the business, the kids, and all of the heavy heavy weight on his shoulders. I wanted him to be in a beautiful, peaceful place, where he would be comfortable and able to relax. So, taking a chance at a hotel I randomly found online, was a bit nerve-wracking.

But, we had a fun, lovely drive, as we always do when we get away just the two of us. And when we pulled up to La Serena Villas, the weight had began to lift off of my shoulders.

It was gorgeous!