Pregnant During the Eclipse: A Guide to Superstitions

What a time to be PREGNANT!

Let's just say, I could not be happier to NOT be pregnant at this very moment in time. I am certain that my superstitious family would have me resting in bed, with my arms down at my sides, covered in red, holding some type of metal and hiding from the outside world. Well, for the duration of the eclipse, anyway.

Ah, superstition! I am no stranger to superstition. While superstitions can sound so silly, those of us who have grown up with them, tend to follow them whether we believe in them or not. You know, "just in case".

Here are just a few superstitions for pregnant women during the eclipse:


A solar eclipse may cause birth defects, but wearing red will safeguard your baby against any such defects. It will also protect your baby from any bad spirits.


Holding metal during an eclipse will also protect your baby from said birth defects.