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Nest Diapers: The Best Diapers to Gift To New Moms

There are few things more special in life than childhood friends. I know, I have quite a few. These amazing friends have been with us through thick and thin. Sometimes those friendships grew distant, sometimes they became closer that close. Mostly, however, they are unbreakable, even if they have cracked here and there throughout the years. Mendable and eternal.

So when these friends have little ones of their own, it is incredibly special.

As an Auntie to one such very special baby boy named Otis, I wanted to give him the very best. And the very best for his little bum bum and our environment are Nest Diapers.

Nest Baby Diapers are eco-friendly; made with hand-selected sustainable materials that are free of harmful chemicals, lotions, perfume, and known allergens. Nest offers a soft, absorbent design that mom and baby will love. And as an Auntie, I feel good knowing that my sweet little nephew is safe, sound and comfy in his little diapers.

Compostable Diapers

Nest Baby Diapers are made primarily of wood pulp, viscose (bamboo derived cellulose) fiber and polylactic acid (PLA), which undergoes a 2-step degradation process. Not all of the materials used in Nest Diapers compost. These items need to be manually removed, (i.e. fastening system, leg gathers).


The moisture and heat in the compost pile split the polymer chains apart, creating smaller polymers, and finally, lactic acid.


Microorganisms in compost and soil consume the smaller polymer fragments and lactic acid as nutrients. Since lactic acid is widely found in nature, a large number of organisms metabolize lactic acid.


The end result of composting is carbon dioxide, water and humus, a soil nutrient. This degradation process is temperature and humidity dependent. The non-biodegradable materials are screened out for recycling and or proper disposal.

Warning: Please do not dispose of Nest Diapers in your home compost pile. Nest Diapers need to be properly commercially composted to degrade.

What can possibly be better than a happy baby and a happy Earth? A happy new mommy who can have some peace of mind about her little one's diaper health.


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