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Big City Moms Biggest Family Shower Ever

This weekend, Princeton and I attended the Big City Moms Biggest Family Shower Ever. Unfortunately, our baby Skyler had some tummy issues and had to stay home with Papa. So, Princeton and I got to enjoy this event all by ourselves.

The Big City Moms Biggest Family Shower is an original, the first of its kind; with dozens of like-events, this one truly stands out. It was held at the California Market Center in Downtown Los Angeles, which provided a lovely thirteenth floor space for the event. Parking was $9 for the day, and was plentiful.

As we stepped out of the elevator, we saw expecting-parents and parents of toddlers lining up to check in. While the line looked long, it seemed to move fairly quick.

Princeton (my press assistant for the day) and I checked in and started on our adventure.

As we walked into the main exhibition area, we simply had to stop at the Babyganics booth, where, equipped with a relaxation lounge, they were making personalized t-shirts for the kids.

This nice gentleman even offered to make a t-shirt for sick baby Skyler.

Big events sometimes tend to overwhelm and exhaust the little ones. Luckily, Big City Moms really took their time to cover every detail. Just as Princeton would start to get a little fussy, we would come across a fun activity strategically placed to recharge him.

He got creative with some painting at the Viva paper towel booth. I particularly like that it was okay for him to paint outside of the lines, as lovely Viva reps took the opportunity to show us how well their paper towels work to clean up the mess.

We made our way through the countless vendor booths, each one offering goodies, giveaways and tasty sweets.

Each one tempting us with their gifts.

This event is for parents, children and expecting parents. The number of pregnant women in attendance was extremely high, and Big City Moms, as well as all of the vendors in attendance, did a fabulous job at keeping the appetites of pregnant women and toddlers, top of mind.

Not only were there snack stations throughout the event, lunch was also provided in the form of a buffet. Just as I started thinking exit strategy because I knew I had to feed the monster, we got to the perfectly placed lunch buffet.

The monster was fed and happy to go on.

A really sweet touch by Baby Bjorn, were the Soft Bibs provided for tiny messy eaters.

After lunch, Princeton and I walked around exploring all of the fun vendor booths, trying delicious foods, speaking to vendors and learning about all of the wonderful products out there for moms and kids.

Princeton especially enjoyed Camp BCM, where he got to play with other kids, dance his heart out, and sit down to watch a magic show.

His favorite part was getting his face painted for the very first time. He chose to be Spider-Man, an item that was not on the menu, but the artist made an exceptions seeing the look in his eye.

Did I mention there was cotton candy?

Princeton and I had a really good time at this event, and when he was done playing at Camp BCM, we decided to head home to check on Papa and baby Skyler.

The tickets for The Biggest Family Shower Ever ranged in price from $35 to $440. One piece of advice, opt for the $90 ticket. It comes with a goodie bag bigger than my three year old, and is full of excelent products. From several full packages of diapers, to baby bottles, large bags of organic tortilla chips, formula, toys and more. This ticket is well worth the price of admition.

When we got home, it was time for the boys to go through the goodie bag. Look who made off with the loot.


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