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We Didn't Throw a Big 1st Birthday and Lived!

I must admit, I was panicking about little Sky's First Birthday. If you read my last blog, not only was I extremely emotional about the baby turning one, but I was also feeling severe guilt about having to cancel his big First Birthday party.

But guess what, we lived!

Skyler's First Birthday was yesterday. Originally, hubby was going to have to work all day and well into the night... blog on hubby's start-up and all the crazy hours her works coming soon. But somehow everything worked out and hubby was able spend the entire day with us.

We still could not throw the big party we had been planning for months, as my mom had to have a series of surgeries, the last of which was on Sky's actual Birthday. But we wanted to make sure that our little one had a special day and was celebrated.

A couple of days before his Birthday, I decided that we were going to do a smash cake and I was going to bake it. I had fallen in love with the look of naked cakes and thought, "how hard can this be?". Let's just say, I will not be attempting another cake for a while. Not even one that's made just for smashing.

Yes, there are actually layers to that cake. I know you cant tell, but there are, I promise.

I ended up making a ton of icing and covered up all of the imperfections. The entire cake!

I also made a few clouds, and after my neighbor mentioned a smash cake backdrop that her photographer will be bringing for her adorable little twin girl's cake smash, I set out to make one.

I asked hubby to pull out the "party box" and rummaged for supplies. I found a blue table cloth, some letters, and white cardstock. A background was born.

So, now we had a delicious, but odd looking smash cake and a background. I figured I should make cupcakes so that Sky Sky could have a candle to blow out in the morning,

So here's how it all went down.

First thing in the morning, we lit a candle and sang Happy Birthday to our little one. Yes, he had a cupcake for breakfast. Yes, so did Princeton.

After the cupcake smash, we cleaned Skyler up and got him all dressed up in the suit he was going to wear to his First Birthday Party. Photoshoot time.

There was an escape...

We then got everyone ready and took the boys to an indoor kids playground for some Birthday fun.

When we got home, hubby saved the day by surprising us with a REAL smash cake. It was delicious and we all ended up having some of Skyler's cake.

So this is smash number two...

We had a post cake nap time, and while the boys slept, I set up for Skyler's final cake smash of the day.

A couple of friends stopped by with their kids to watch Skyler do his thing and play.

At the end of the day, hubby and I realized that while we didnt get to have the big party that we wanted, we truly had the perfect day celebrating our little Skyler.


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