Feed the Wanderlust

Ever since I can remember, I've traveled.

My dad's side of the family lived about a two hour flight away from us, so several times a year, my parents would pack us up for a visit.

I've been all over the world, but with two kiddos under 3, it's become almost impossible to travel outside of the country. Outside of California, really. I couldn't imagine leaving them at home for a week or two. I could not imagine being across an ocean for even a night. And I most definitely couldn't imagine traveling with them across an ocean. Couldn't and wouldn't!

But the wanderlust is strong in this one!

With every day that passes that I don't get to travel, I get a little more restless. I think my hubs can tell. Somehow, he always comes to the rescue at the absolute right moment and surprises me with a few days away. It is usually a place that is not too far away, so that if need be, we could get home to our kids in just a few hours; yet it is also far enough away from every day life. A place that feels different and new. A place we can explore.

These getaways have become my travel fix. They rejuvenate my mind and soul, and give me new life.

I know I sound completely dramatic, but it's true. Not only do I have wanderlust, but we as parents, absolutely need the time away from it all. We need to get away to be ourselves, to be a couple, not just parents. We need these breaks from our daily routine because some of us need to sleep through the night, or to leave the house the minute we decide to, not an hour later because we had to organize, prep and pack the kids. We need to be spontaneous, and adventurous, and we need time for just the two of us.

Our last road trip was in October. We went to Big Sur, CA and I fell in love. This time, daddy surprised me with a trip to Carmel.

I think my heart belongs in Northern California.

We set off on our adventure last Wednesday. We decided to shave a little time off the drive by taking the Interstate 5 instead of our usual route along the CA-1, a much more scenic drive, with lots of fun and interesting stops. More on CA-1 later.

Our first stop after a couple of hours of driving was the James Dean Memorial Junction at the intersection of Highway 41 and 46, in Cholame, CA. This junction was named after James Dean, who was killed in a car crash near the site. It's really just a street sign, but kind of a cool photo-op.