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Candles and Gifts from Baby

I take my Sweet P and Baby Sky on a lot of walks. On our walks, Princeton finds, picks and collects lots of gifts for his mama... me. So we have tons of little piles of leafs, dried flowers, twigs and pine cones all over the house.

Sometimes we put them in vases for display, and sometimes we just have pretty little piles of random collectibles laying around on various surfaces because we are not sure of what to do with our sweet gifts.

Today, completely at random, we stumbled upon a new fun way to display gifts from Sweet P.

I'm not sure what made my hubby pull out the candle making kit this afternoon, but he did. Remember, he's got quite a few years on me when it comes to this parenting thing. So his arsenal of projects greatly outweighs mine. And sometimes, I get more excited about said projects than most kids.

So he pulled out the candle kit and one of the adorable little Crate & Barrel vases that we got as a gift for our wedding, but never came around to using... and then I jumped right in like a happy kid with a new arts and crafts project.

He taught me how to heat the wax, how to place the wick and even presented an array of scents for our new candle. And when all was said and done, a light bulb went off! Wouldn't Princeton's latest collection of gifts be perfect in this clear candle?


This mama just had a very proud of herself moment! I know, I know, the things I get excited about. But any chance I get to display my baby's sweet and thoughtful gifts makes me very happy.

So thanks to hubby's random ideas, this pretty little candle was made. It makes me smile every time I look at it.


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