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Winter Lounge Wear and Lounge Wear as Outerwear

I'm always cold and never comfortable unless I'm cozy in my cute lounge wear. Friends, believe me when I say, I live in my lounge wear these days. Because we are minimizing our outings, and social contact, I really have no need to wear anything else. Well, unless I have to make a quick run to the market.

But staying home and being comfortably cozy, does not have to mean "frumpy".

There are so many cute lounge wear options out there. From the pricy to the budget friendly, the comfy cute looks are endless.

Here are a few of my favorites...

Amazon Finds

The best part about cute lounge wear is that it can look quite chic, if properly dressed up with a cute coat, purse and shoes. Here's how to wear your lounge wear out.

But of course, lounge wear is always best when, well... lounging.




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