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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day has never been a holiday that hubby and I celebrated. However, lately, we have been having lots of "no pressure" fun with Valentine's Day.

We wanted to share some fun and easy gifts for the entire family, not just the adults... but definitely a few ADULT ONLY gifts as well. <3

Here is our list...

1. The boys and I had a lovely date with a delicious cake from Popped Passion and some fruit. These cakes are just too cute and are made for every occasion. We loved this heart shaped popcorn cake, sprinkled with loads of candy for the boys to pick out.

You can order your cake here

2. I ordered this personalized knife for hubby because, not only can you personalize the image on the blade itself, but you can also engrave it with a cute message.

I love this gift for men because there is truly nothing cheesy about it, its very personal, and no matter what, a knife is always a handy.

You can order yours Deejo knife here.

3. Ok ladies and gentlemen, this is one of my favorite things in this gift guide because you can both give the gift of lingerie. Nuff said! You can find this gorgeous piece here.

4. Ok, so maybe you are just starting to date someone, and have no idea what to get them? I love this pretty golden butterfly headband from Scunci. This would be such a lovely gift for someone new in your life, guys.

The best thing is, you can find Scunci products at most major drug stores and even super markets. But, should you want to order online, you can find them here.

5. The Cutie Cupcake Kit from Foodstirs.

I can't end this gift guide without one of my favorite things to do with my boys. We love to bake, and for baking, I absolutely love the gift of a Foodstirs subscription. Their boxes come with the perfect yummies for every holiday. We absolutely had a blast making these precious sweet creations together.

You can order yours here.


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Omg this is os cute! I want to try out the Cutie Cupcake Kit from Foodstirs!

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