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Valentine's Day Bucket List For Your Kids

1. Write a love note

2. Send Valentine's Day Cards to friends and family

3. Cut out heart shapes and every day leading up to Valentine's Day, write one reason why you love a family member

4. Find heart shapes in nature

5. Do a Valentine's Day Kindness Project: Give love and show kindness to sick patients at local hospitals, by creating extra Valentine's Day cards just for them. (As seen on South Bay Mommies & Daddies)

6. Create gift baskets full of your kid's favorite treats to gift to them on Valentine's Day

7. Make heart shaped pancakes and eggs

8. Have breakfast in bed with your kids

9. Make heart shaped sandwiches for lunch

10. Tell your kids the story of how you met their other parent (act it out for even more fun)

11. Create heart shaped LEGOS

13. Take the kids on a Valentine's Day date

1 Comment

I have a Cricut that I'm dying to put to good use. I need to learn how to manage it so I can get crafty and follow your list.



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