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“Soft, clever, and beautiful.” – New York Magazine

“Unbelievably creative.” – The Olympian

“Keeth Monta Apgar uses vocal harmonies, jazzy chord progressions and emotive colors in such unexpected and delightful ways that each quirky song becomes discovered treasure.”– Parents’ Choice® Gold Award review of The Harmonica Pocket's Apple Apple


Two-time Parents’ Choice Gold Award-winner The Harmonica Pocket announces the October 20th release of its long-awaited fifth music album for families with kids, Sing Your Song.

The Harmonica Pocket’s repertoire abounds with Northwest singer-songwriter Keeth Monta Apgar’s sweet, silly, and gently lilting songs. The rhythm section on Sing Your Song lays a tight foundation for the album’s well-crafted tunes, which include compositions by Apgar, several collaborations with family and friends (including an unexpected pandemic reunion with former Harmonica Pocket drummer Lorne Watson and stellar contributions from saxophonist Jon Ryser, who has arranged horns and played on six Harmonica Pocket albums), a not-to-be-missed rendition of Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me,” and a creative version of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” that genuinely sparkles.

Sing Your Song revolves around the theme of being yourself, in hopes of empowering young people,” says Keeth Apgar. “The primary message could be summed up in this couplet from the title song: ‘You may not sound like everybody else/But you sound just like yourself.’ In other words, be yourself because you’re the only one who can sing the song that lives inside your heart.”

One of Keeth Apgar’s favorite vocalists, Renee Stahl, of Renee & Jeremy, sings harmony on the title track. Renee and Keeth are accompanied on electric bass by beloved children’s musician Johnny Bregar and by first-call Seattle drummer Eric Eagle.

As an album made for families, Sing Your Song is also an album about families. “One Two I Love You” is a joyous counting song expressing the love between a dad and his little boy, written by Keeth and his son Montana when Montana was only four years old. Keeth explains, “One day Montana said the words ‘one, two, I love you,’ and I thought, ‘Excuse me, that’s a song!’ A day or two later, Montana hummed the melody, so we put all the ingredients together and wrote this little song about us.” Coming full circle, the vocal trio on this recording consists of Keeth Apgar, his wife Nala Walla, and their son, Montana Apgar, who is now ten years old. Other highlights include a giddy nonsense number, “Everything Is Everywhere,” sung as a duet by Keeth Apgar and his childhood friend Tom Gilhuley, backed by Johnny Bregar and Nashville percussionist Kevin Rapillo, who has, for nearly two decades, played drums for country music star Rodney Atkins.

The lovely “Wee A Tilly” is so evocative of traditional Celtic folksong that it inspired Keeth’s collaboration with Russian illustrator Ekaterina Bogdan on a beautiful music video. The whimsical “Sand Song” is likewise appropriately paired with a playfully messy music video directed by Gabe Van Lelyveld of Whaleheart Productions. The Harmonica Pocket’s version of “Stand By Me” is a masterful rendition of one of the most memorable songs of the sixties. Keeth enthuses, “I love this song’s simple message of sticking together despite – and because of – our differences.”

Previous Harmonica Pocket albums for kids and families include Sundrops (2015, Parents’ Choice Gold Award, NAPPA Bronze Medal), Apple Apple (2012, Parents’ Choice Gold Award), Ladybug One (2008, Parents’ Choice Recommended Award), and Mary Macaroni (2005). Releases for adults include Birds Falling from the Sky (2005), Underneath Your Umbrella (2002), Lemonbomb (1997), and The Humans and the Robins (1996) Sing Your Song will be available at most major physical and digital retailers.

Album Details: Sing Your Song Release Date: October 20, 2021 For ages 2 - 8 and their parents Label: Goldfish in Your Cocktail SRP: $12.99 CD; $9.99 digital download Run time: 43 minutes Visit The Harmonica Pocket's website HERE. The Harmonica Pocket on Facebook. The Harmonica Pocket on Twitter. The Harmonica Pocket on Instagram. The Harmonica Pocket on YouTube.


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