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The Day My Kids Embrace Car Seats Saved My Sanity

This blog is sponsored by KidsEmbrace. All opinions expressed are my own.

With the start of Kindergarten, my life became much more complicated. Two different school drop-offs and pick-ups, at two very different times. Logistics are the name of the game, and Hubby, my mom and I were struggling to figure it all out.

The problem was, I'm the only one who ever did drop-offs and pick-ups before, because I was the only one with a 4 seater and carseats. Hubby drives a two seater, and when I would install my carseats into my mom's car, she always had a hard time buckling and unbuckling the kids. It was just too difficult for her arthritic hands. But, I had it down back then. One school for both boys. Easy-peasy!

This semester, I need all the help I can get!

One huge challenge we faced was, the boys did not want go in any car but mine. They consider it their car, they're comfortable in it and they love it. So, recruiting my mom for school drop-offs and pick-ups a few days a week, had to be a carefully thought out and planned endeavor.

After giving it much thought, we realized that what the boys would love are some FUN new carseats to get them eager to ride in my mom's car. Of course, they would have to be incredibly safe.

What we discovered is, KidsEmbrace. This company make safety fun! What more could a parent ask for? They have a plethora of 3D character car seats that are incredibly fun for the kiddos.

Our boys love The Avengers, and with the release of The Avenger's Endgame DVD release, we thought this would be the perfect way to get our tiny fans excited to ride in their grandma's car.

The seats were delivered directly to the house in just a few days, which was very convenient for us, since we did not have to make any extra trips. While we got our directly from KidsEmbrace, you can also purchase these on Amazon and at Target online. So if you have any Target or Amazon gift cards, this would be a great chance to use them.

Installing the car seats was easy, especially after watching this video by KidsEmbrace. I don't like my seats to move any more than the allowed inch, so when installing, I always put a knee in the seat and get it as tight and snug as possible.

The boys each got to pick their own seats and absolutely could not wait to get into my mom's car, to have a ride in their new KidsEmbrace 3D Character Car Seats!

What a relief. Just look at that giddy smile!

You can check out all of the KidsEmbrace Avengers carseats here.


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I have a 4 yr old cousin and he hate car seats. He would love it better now with a spiderman car seat!!


Oh wow these are amazing! My kids would love seats like this


How amazing are these?! Brilliant idea for children and teaching safety! I will be getting one for my son. Great information.


Love how cute these carseats are! Who wouldn't want to ride as Batman or Superman?



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