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Summer Sandals

A few weeks ago, I looked in my closet and realized, I have nothing to wear for my Birthday weekend. I mean, nothing! I cleaned out my closet as a "quarantine activity" and the left over pickings were slim. I searched far and wide, ad ended up buying a few pieces from Saks, and a ton on basics from H & M. The Saks order arrived on time, while I am still waiting for my H & M order. It is apparently set to a

rrive the day we leave for our little Birthday weekend getaway.

Not only is it difficult to find what you think will fit you well online, but most retailers have had an issue with serious lag in delivery time.

So when I realized yesterday that I have no summer sandals for the weekend, I panicked. Then my husband told me to check Amazon. Duh!

In an emergency like this, I turn to Amazon. Click on Prime, and check the "Get it by tomorrow" box. Tada! You actually get your selection the next day!

Check out these and more fun summer sandals HERE.


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