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Sesame Street Parade of Lights at SeaWorld San Diego

Our last stint of staying at home has taken its tole on me. It has just really felt tough this time around, being cooped up. Obviously, well worth our health. But it has weighed on us all. So when hubby emailed me about the Sesame Street Parade of Lights at SeaWorld, I knew we had to make it happen. And a couple of short weeks later, we were able to attend this wonderful event with the San Diego Mommy Blogger Tribe.

La Jolla Cove Weekend Getaway

Our weekend in San Diego started in a lovely ocean view room at The Pines at The La Jolla Cove Hotel. Set across the street from Children's Pool Beach, where the seals nap and play, the hotel was the perfect place to rest our heads and enjoy some fresh air away from the confines of quarantine.

You can check out the Room Tour HERE.

We had a wonderful time playing on the beach, catching the Ice Cream truck and grabbing a bite at Brockton Villa Restaurant, before heading out to the main event.

Sesame Street Parade of Lights at SeaWorld San Diego

After a lovely day spent in La Jolla Cove, we got ourselves ready for a fun night at SeaWorld. It's not every day that you get to drive through the entire park. So hubby and I were excited. The kids couldn't wait to say hi to all of their favorite Sesame Street characters.

As we arrived at the tole booths, a very kind and professional attendant scanned out ticket and asked us to turn on our emergency lights to notify parking attendants that we should be directed to the concessions line. We were also given the option of tuning in to Sesame Street radio, a 25 minute soundtrack to the Drive-Thru, via phone and bluetooth car speaker.

Once inside, it all went very fast.

We pulled up to concessions and the kids were asked which characters were their favorite, by the friendliest SeaWorld Ambassador. She got our hot chocolates ready, and they boy's Deluxe Swag Bags, and we were on our way.

Inside The Deluxe Swag Bag

- Elmo Bubble Want

- Elmo Cape

- SeaWorld Souvenir Travel Cup

- Sesame Street Stuffy of choice

- Cotton Candy

- Hot Cocoa for everyone in the vehicle

With our goodies in tow, the bubble wands doing their job, and the fun Sesame Street soundtrack blasting, the party was on. They boys were so excited to wave and say hello to all of their favorite characters. They just about fell out with excitement when they saw The Count.

What made this such a rewarding trip and drive-thru experience, is that out boys did not stop thanking us all night. They were so happy and had such a good time at the Sesame Street Parade of Lights, that they made sure to let us know it. "This was the best drive-thru ever!" was the consensus.

Of course, they had to really check out all of their goodies when we got back to our hotel room. And this is how it went...

For more even more great info, check out our Reel HERE.




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