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Quinn Snacks Pretzels

On a recent visit to our local Whole Foods, the boys and I discovered Quinn Snacks Pretzels. We were so excited because we absolutely love Quinn Snacks popcorn. The boys picked out a few bags of pretzels for our little back yard BBQ.

They are now available at Whole Foods stores nationwide, which is such a convenience.

The phenomenal taste of these pretzels comes from Sorghum flour, one of our primary ingredients, is an ancient grain that is more sustainable.

You know what else is pretty darn cool? Their farm-to-bag transparency- you can type in the batch number on their website to see where all the ingredients came from, right down to the farm! The boys and I sat down to do this and had a great time talking about all the places their food comes from. They had a blast.

So now, we have Quinn Snacks healthy popcorn for movie night, and their delicious pretzels for summertime snacking. Summer is set!



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