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Playing with Fire

A few days ago, Princeton, who is 5 years old, sat me down and told me that he was really excited for a new movie about firefighters. He made sure to mention that John Cena, one of his and Skyler's favorites, is in the movie. This was a first! Our boy has never asked to go to the movies. I had to make it happen.

So, one day after school, I took the boys on a little mommy-and-me movie date.

We got our snacks in order and were set to enjoy Playing with Fire, starring John Cena, Keegan-Michael Key and John Leguizamo.

We had so much fun watching a group of hot shot firefighters take on their greatest challenge yet... babysitting! This family friendly comedy brought the heat!

We laughed through the entire movie! The boys could not get enough of the kid's shenanigans, and had a wonderfully hilarious afternoon watching Playing with Fire. This movie was funny, endearing, and a ton of fun for the family.


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