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Us Californian's take life my the horns. We know how to have fun, and we have the weather on our side, allowing us to have as much outdoor fun as we want. We do, however, have seasons. That's something most folks outside of California don't really know.

For instance, April Showers, May Flowers and June Gloom. Our seasons may not be as drastic as some other states, but we do have them. So we know that in May, we MayCation! May is the perfect month for park visits, wild flower fields, picnics and hikes. The weather is just right, not too cool, not too hot.

The boys and I always take advantage of whatever weather California gives us, and this month we decided to do a day hike and picnic in one of our favorite easy hiking locations.

We walked and played, and ran around. We pretended that we were in the jungle, and had a lot of fun. #ItsAColorfulLife for us!

When it was time for our picnic, the only thing any of us wanted was a drink! The boys were so excited to see that I brought two of their favorite Tampico drinks Tampico Blue Raspberry and Citrus Punch.

This summer, I've decided to take on Tampico's "It's A Colorful Life" Scrapbook Challenge! I'm so excited to fill the pages of our scrapbook with all of our amazing adventures. I encourage you to join me and scrapbook away with Tampico. Yum!



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