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Life During Pandemic

Life during a pandemic has brought so much uncertainty. So many new things to get accustomed to in such a sort time.

Just a few months ago, we were lead to believe that Covid-19 was never going to come to the United States. Then it did. We were then lead to believe that it was nothing more than a flu and would work itself out in a matter of 15 days. Then it didn't.

Schools shut down for 14 days, and we thought of it as a little vacation. Then we realized this may last a month. No play dates. Then parks shut down. Then businesses. Then school was out for the rest of this school year.

We had to get used to homeschooling. Then realized what we are doing is actually crisis schooling.

Our children had to give up the sanctuary of fun and relaxation that is Home, to get accustomed to moms and dads becoming their teachers. They had to get used to Zoom calls with their class, which for our littles was quite traumatizing as they missed in-person connection.

We have had to figure out how to work through cabin fever, how to work through the need for a bit of alone time in a home full of family. We have had to figure out working from home. Working from home while crisis schooling our kids. Many of us have had to get adjusted to days centered around the children, children's activities and how to keep them from going stir crazy.

We have had to figure out ways to date our spouses at home. How to give our spouses space and how to navigate the frustrating days without too much damage. Many people have learned patience and kindness, while others are figuring out quite the opposite.

We have had to figure out milestone Birthdays and how to make those we love feel special from a distance. We have had to adjust to our holiday traditions, and celebrate in new inventive ways.

We have had to deal with missing our elderly parents. We have had to figure out how to keep our businesses going and changing the way we do business to keep the doors open. We have, sadly, had to watch businesses close their doors, never to reopen.

We have had distance lunches with friends in respective cars at drive throughs. We have learned to keep social with virtual happy hours, brunches and even yoga. And we have quickly become used to wearing masks and gloves and keeping our distance!

Personally, the routine of living during pandemic, has become second nature. There are good days, there are hard days, and there is everything in between. But for the most part, I am grateful for the gift of time with my family.

Never in our lives, have we had so much time to enjoy our children, our spouses, and loved ones, as we do now. And I, for one, am now anxious about the reopening of our country.

While I absolutely cannot wait to be able to take my kids out to playgrounds and all of the fun events that we are used to attending. And while I crave a little weekend getaway with my husband, I am scared out of my mind to give up our little bubble!

We have all learned to slow down a little. We have begun to truly enjoy the time we spend together. We have become inventive in how we have fun, and I don't want the real world to begin seeping in, and taking over our beautiful time together.

I want my husband here all day, without going away on business. I want my kids here all the time, safe and secure from the dangers and influences of the outside world. I want to be here and be present. But this is just another thing that we must get used to, while living during a pandemic.



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