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Lets Explore The Outdoors This Summer

Here's to the close of a beautiful chapter for one of our baby boy's. Princeton graduated preschool last Friday! While this gives me all the feels and I'm at a complete loss for words that my first born is done with such a big chapter in his life, I'm also extremely excited for what this summer has in store for our family.

We intend to take full advantage of this amazing June weather! June gloom is in full effect, and we are out enjoying and exploring the outdoors.

Our first outdoor adventure this month was a trip to the California State University Northridge Duck and Turtle Pond. We found a nice bench to set our things, and our favorite summer drinks, Tampico Kiwi Strawberry Punch and Island Punch... Then hit the pond!

No, we did not go swimming. What we did do was admire all of the wildlife. We fed the ducks and the turtles, and the boys took notice of the fact that there were only an handful of ducks around, but hundreds of turtles. So we decided on a spur of the moment activity. We started to count all of the turtles and all of the ducks, to catalog our numbers and compare them throughout the year.

We walked around the pond, and the surrounding orange grove, we climbed rocks, and pretended to be explorers in a new land.

It was a beautiful day, one filled with tiny adventures and lots of wonder. We even sat down to drink our favorite Tampico drink before heading home for dinner, baths, and a very easy bedtime.

This is a day that that absolutely has to be documented and scrapbooked! Thanks for all of the wonderful memories Tampico. I am loving being a part of the Tampico Summer Scrapbook Challenge!

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I used to like taking my kids tide pooling in the summer. The duck and turtle pond looks like a lot of fun.



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