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Lately, when shopping for Skyler, I am at odds with myself. My baby, is a growing boy, yet I seem to be trying to hit the pause button, through precious little outfits.

I know, I know, dinosaurs and Star Wars is what life is all about at two and a half. But, I miss cute baby outfits. The teddy bears, and bunny ears...

I fell head over heels for this bright and cheerful little outfit from Lavender Sun. I had my reservations about getting it for Skyler because I was doubting whether he was getting too big to wear something this precious... with ears!!

Oh I die for precious little things with ears!

I couldn't help myself and went for it.

Well, when this little outfit from Lavender Sun arrived, Skyler and Princeton immediately dawned it the "Buzz Buzz Bee"! Skyler started running around buzzing all over the house and stinging us with his tiny little "Buzz Buzz Bee" booty.

I'm declaring a win!

If you like this adorable outfit, head to Lavender Sun at

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