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IncrediBundles: Toddlers Love To Read Bundle

It's safe to say that the only time I am able to get my kids to sit down quietly, is when there are books involved. We love reading at our house. All the time.

We don't just read at bed time, we also read throughout the day. As the boys play, I sometimes pull out a few good books and just start reading out loud. Almost always, one or both of my boys make their way over to where ever I am sitting, to ask questions and look at the book as I read.

It fascinated me, to see them form their thoughts, questions, and opinions. Sometimes their imaginations take them so far past the story at hand, I feel like they should write their own books. It's all part of a beautiful process. Fun and educational, just what mama and papa like.

We are always on the hunt for new books to read to the boys. That is why I love Their bundles are filled with award winning books and toys, and are shipped in chic, reusable storage containers. Perfect! We were just starting to run out of shelf space for all of our children's books.

One of my favorite bundles so far, is the Toddlers Love to Read bundle. It comes with bedtime books, fun animal flap books, feel good books, and more. Plus, the bundle comes with an adorable Nutbrown Hare stuffed toy, straight from the book "Guess How Much I Love You", which is also included in this special bundle.

To share the magic of reading, I have teamed up with to bring you a lovely GIVEAWAY. For a chance to win $50 toward the purchase of a bundle of your choosing simply head over to our Instagram page and follow these steps:

- Follow Sweet P and Sky on Instagram at

- Like the IncrediBundles Post

- Tag a friend

That's it. Good luck!

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