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Hush Blankets

This post is sponsored by Hush Blankets. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

I cannot sleep without a blanket. Ever! Not even in the heat of the summer.

Blankets make us feel safe, don't they? As a matter of fact, whenever I'm startled while in bed, my gut reaction is to hide under my blanket. I realize how silly that may be, but it has been my reaction since childhood.

Well, there is actually something to that. The theory behind feeling the weight of a blankets, especially weighted blankets, is that "they may work in part, by providing firm, deep pressure stimulation. They may stimulate the release of neurotransmitters and affect nervous system activity in ways that decrease over-arousal and anxiety."

That makes a lot of sense. Think of it like a hug from your mother. There's nothing like being held my your mom as you drift off to sleep. No matter what age.

Well, I can tell you that I am extremely excited about Hush Blanket's latest weighted blanket. It's a weighted cooling blanket, which is perfect for summer. I absolutely cannot wait to get mine, and can tell you now, they come in kids sizes. Yes, parents! Your kids will fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night!

I'll take three please!



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