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How TO Safely Do Brunch With Your Tribe Post Quarantine

Quarantine was long and difficult. And while we have been out of total shut down for several months, getting back into the swing of things has been touch and go. Especially when it comes to social events.

When it comes to safety, my husband is the expert. As owner and president of Entourage Executive Protection, his mind is always on the safety of others, and his family is no exception. Sometimes I poke fun, sometimes I call him the killer of fun, sometimes I get upset that he won't let me socialize the way I sometimes feel I NEED to, but mostly, I am grateful to have his guidance. When it comes to safety, he really does know best.

So, when it comes to the safety of my tribes, I always consult the expert. Always! And with the expert's advise, I was able to figure out the best and safest way to host the San Diego Mommy Blogger Tribe's first event since the Great Shutdown of 2020.

Location Location Location

Before choosing the ideal location for a social gathering, I had to decide what my goal for this gathering was. In the case of the SD Mommy Blogger Tribe, I wanted to meet several new members in person, and have the opportunity to sit and chat over a meal. I truly wanted to get to know these amazing women, so the ideal event had to be Brunch! Once I had the event locked down, the location was easy to find.

According to my safety expert, Brunch had to be in a location with outdoor seating. (San Diego currently allows indoor seating).

Breakfast Republic in Pacific Beach, San Diego, proved to be the perfect location for our lovely Blogger Brunch.

With a beautifully set up make-shift patio, cool and refreshing ocean air, and staff observing guidelines, we felt safe, comfortable, and were able to enjoy an intimate Brunch with new friends and family.


The food at Breakfast Republic never disappoints. Quite honestly, I wish we had a Breakfast Republic in Los Angeles. I would very likely spend more than a few mornings there.

Their selection of delectable breakfast foods is incredible, and their coffees, lattes and cappuccinos are absolutely delicious. They specialize in breakfast, and when you focus on one thing, you do that one thing well.

SD Mommy Blogger Tribe

With safety, location and scrumptious Brunch on the menu, the only thing left to do was enjoy each other's company, take the quintessential "food pics" and plan the next great event.


SD Mommy Blogger Tribe brunched at

Breakfast Republic in Pacific Beach, San Diego, located at:

They are open 7am to 3pm daily.

Check out Breakfast Republic for a location near you.


While this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.


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