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How to Organized your Life

This year is my year to organize. It's really not because of the whole "new year new me" thing. It's not even a New Year's Resolution. It is just something I HAVE TO do, or I will simply not make it through the year.

Between homeschooling one child, distance learning with the other, running all six of The Mommy Blogger Tribes, running my blog, writing a column, brand commitments, and posting campaigns, my head is spinning by noon, daily. Let's just say, if it's not written down, it's not happening.

So, this year, I am prepared!

I have teamed up with Erin Condren (who's having a site wide sale at the moment), to get myself ready for this year.

I am currently obsessing over their new Focused Collection. Every piece is gorgeous and absolutely vital. From the tiny magnetic book marks to help keep your place in your planners, to the meal planner that can help keep you on track with your dietary and family meal needs, to the array of planners, file folders and so much more. This collection has already tremendously helped with organizing my crazy days.

It has taken me a few days of planning, but I am very happy with the outcome thus far.

Ways to Stay Organized in the New Year

To keep myself organized, I have decided on several planners. The hourly LifePlanner is literally my hour by hour day. It lists my meetings, the kid's appointments, and even our morning routine. Nothing is left to slip through the cracks. I have a separate planner for the boy's schooling, their subjects, their extra curricular's, etc.

I'm using the Focus Collection softbound planner detail things that I need to do, as well as organize the work I do for my husband's business. It is sort of my To Do list, organized by day.

With the help of the Erin Condren Focused File Folders, I have been able to completely reorganized my desk and create a better filing system for my documents. Let's not forget how chic and stylish everything looks.

This entire collection is so beautifully done, it's almost inviting. It makes one want to be more productive and organized.

You can find the Erin Condren Focused Collection HERE.

For more details, check out my IGTV product detail video HERE.


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