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How to Meet Your Future Husband at a Dodger Game

In honor of the Dodger's World Series win last night, I thought I would share hubby's and my love story.

What does love have to do with baseball? Read on...

Step 1 - Procure Tickets to the Dodger Game

It was a hot and balmy afternoon in Los Angeles. I was sitting in my living room bored out of my mind when a text chimed that a friend had 3 extra tickets to the Dodger game that afternoon. Did I mention it was hot?

It was scorching! The team assembled and we were off to the game.

Step 2 - Hot Day

We arrived at Dodger Stadium and were just settling in when our snacks and beverages arrived... it was HOT!

Our field lever seats made the heat almost unbearable because of the direct sunlight beaming down on us. I turned to one of my friends and noticed that her skin was turning bright red. We were both so surprised at how fast she got a sun burn and decided to leave our seats to get a little cover from the sun.

Step 3 - Can't Take The Heat

We were having a great time, sipping our beverages, standing around chatting, when all of a sudden, my sunburned friend began leaning on me. Hard! Confused, I asked what she was doing, only to realize that she was not leaning at all, she was falling. My friend was loosing consciousness because her sunburn was not at all a sunburn. She was suffering from heat exhaustion.

My poor friend fainted, and within minutes, Dodger Stadium's paramedic team arrived with a gurney in hand. She was whisked away through what felt like a very complicated maze, to the Stadium's medical room. Of course, I followed to make sure she was ok, and to keep our other friends abreast of what was happening.

And what was happening? Well, my dear girl was dehydrated and needed IV fluids. Lucky for us, she was able to get the IV at the Stadium, while she was able get out of the heat and enjoy a little air conditioning.

Steps 4 & 5- Beer, Entertainment and A Hot Stadium Operations Manager

We were in the medical room for quite some time. All the while, I was holding my full cup of watered down, Dodger Stadium beer. I could not bring myself to drink it because it felt like I was standing in the middle of an actual hospital. And while we had a great time joking around with the paramedics, there was one very serious, very intimidating and VERY official Stadium Operations Manager standing in the back of the room, keeping watch.

The entire time, I felt like he was going to notice the beer in my hand and would think we were drunk. He was soooo intimidating... and soooo sexy! I kept stealing glimpses of him out of the corner of my eye, but he never broke his seriously official demeanor. Not until the very end of our lovely stay in the medical room.

We joked around a bit about how long the IV was taking, and asked a few questions about his work at the Stadium. He kindly walked us back out through the maze and down to our seats. We would have been so lost without his help.

I got lost a few more times while getting snacks or trying to find my way back to our seats from the restroom, and every time, he was near to help me find my way. (He's been helping me find my way ever since).

He let us switch our seats so that we could get a little shade from the heat of the sun, and checked on us to make sure that we were doing well. All part of the job for fab customer experience!

After about 45 minutes of this, I asked him for his number. We texted for a few hours, that day, and then, while I was driving home.... he... he... he CALLED! Who does that?!

Well, we talked the entire drive home (LA traffic drive), and had lunch the next day. He asked me to stop by his office before class the following day, and helped me study for a test the day after that. We saw each other every single day that week, then met up in Vegas that weekend, as we both had plans with our respective friends. Him for his friends bachelor party, and me for a friend's Birthday.

We were exclusive a month later, and engaged four months after that. We took a year to plan our dream wedding, and became pregnant with our oldest about 3 months after our wedding. I talked him into our youngest about 18 months after that, and we were pregnant again after the first try (he still can't get over that one).

There were countless Dodger games along the way. Countless amazing experiences that meant the world to us both. So in honor of the Dodger's World Series win, I wanted to share why this particular team means so much to us.

Life is not without issues, but I'd say with a story like ours, we're pretty much meant to be!



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