We are a very active family in terms of always being on the road. We want to see as much of the world around us as possible, and do as much as is available to us. But even with all of the things that we do, our kids seemed to have entirely too much screen time.

The pandemic has no small part in that. But it seemed like on trips and even at home, we handed our boys their devices whenever we needed a little time to ourselves.

We found a wonderful alternative to screen time in Wonderey. The boys absolutely love all of their fun children’s podcasts. Their current favorite is Melon’s House Party, a wonderful show about the objects in your house singing and speaking all day long to a dog named Melon who is the key to a world that lives right under our noses.

These fun 30-minute episodes keep our little ones entertained and able to do whatever they want, while listening. No more staying glued to the TV.

We even decorated our Christmas tree while listening to an episode of Melon’s House Party, where Melon was having trouble figuring out how to be helpful until she got on the roof and transformed into her superhero alter-ego, Roof Dog! Along with her all-seeing sidekick, Chimney, she had to stop the supervillain, Dumpster, from stealing all the toys in the neighborhood. It was a stinky situation and it smelled like a job for Roof Dog!

I love the musical element of this show and really love watching my kids randomly break out in dance while listening. We had a few cool moves while decorating that tree and listening to Melon’s House Party.

You can catch new episodes of Melon’s House Party on Wednesdays on Wondery, Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more.


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