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FUNBOX | Thousand Oaks, CA

Last weekend, I packed up the kids and drove to The Oaks Mall, in Thousand Oaks, to attend one of our favorite things in life... a pop-up museum. But, this is not just any pop-up experience, this is FUNBOX, an epic pop-up museum, celebrating toys!!!

FUNBOX is located on the second floor, inside of The Oaks Mall. Which means, there is plenty of free parking and no hassle entry.

Before you are let in, the staff walk you through the rules, then set you free inside the photo-op extravaganza.

Entry is through a plush teddy bear tunnel. But good luck getting your kids to pose for this one, they will most likely be too excited to make that first stop. Hence, the above fake, hurried smiles (which I find to be a sign of a fun place).

All the kids had a great time running through the crayons, jumping into this fluffy bean bag and swinging on the swings. Mommies had a great time being "momtographers" and getting all the fun, Instagram worthy shots.

There is an abundance of installations, specifically made for your photo enjoyment, but the lighting is a little off, as you can see in a few of our pictures. If you have any type of portable lighting, that's not just a flash, I suggest bringing it.

What child could resist climbing the Poop Emoji?

All in all, we had a really fun time. They boys especially loved playing in the balloon room, dancing in the disco room, swimming in the cereal bowl, and swinging on the swings.


For more information and tickets, head to



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