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Do You Want To Be A Mom Blogger or Influencer?

We become moms and our world turns upside down. We get our six weeks of disability, eight if we gave birth via c-section, and a few more weeks of paid family leave. None of this subsidizes our real salaries fully, so most of us are forced to go back to work.

We miss our babies. We miss the moments we are missing, the milestones. We hope to find great childcare at an affordable price (insert sarcastic laughter here), and we push on.

Eventually, some might have more kids. At this point, childcare costs stop to make sense. We find ourselves paying daycare or nannies almost our entire paychecks, and we're still missing out on all of those precious moments with our little ones.

It's a story told over and over by mothers in this country. Oftentimes, these mothers have to leave the workforce and take care of their kiddos.

Enter, the Mommy Influencer!

It's a growing field for a lot of stay at home moms. Macro-Influencers who can help lighten the load with an occasional paycheck, and a lot of free product their little ones may need over the years. Micro-Influencers who see more paid campaigns, and of course, Bloggers and Influencers with followings to allow them a steady paycheck in the Influencer world.

It's a process. One that is not easy, but is a lot of fun.

I'm often approached by aspiring Bloggers and/or Influencers with one simple question, "How do I start?"

Blog Name / Handle

Think of a fun, blog name and matching social handle. You want it to match so that you can easily be found. You also want it to represent you completely. Mine is Sweet P and Sky, named after my sweet Princeton and Skyler.

Build A Website

If you are an aspiring blogger, first thing first, build and lay out your website. Aesthetic is everything, so make it you. Make it beautiful. Even if you're unsure of what you want to write about, give potential advertisers a beautiful place to put content. Would you rather advertise your product in Vogue or the Penny-Saver (not sure that even exists anymore).

Take High Quality Photos

I'm not telling you to hire a photographer. These days, an iPhone and a few cool filters will do the job. Document your mommy life, and make it relatable, but beautiful. You can have awful days, and guess what, don't we all?

Moms want to relate, they want to not feel alone in their joys and struggles, and they want to learn about various products, and things you do to make your mom life easier. Help them with photos.


You have to decide how much or how little you want to share of your life. A lot of bloggers feel very comfortable sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings with the world, a lot only focus on their happy days and moments, and some strictly stick to product reviews, adventures, and tips. You can choose to do one or all. This is your creative space, use it as such.

The Hard Part

So you have a beautiful blog, with incredible blogs posts and stories, and amazing photos on your socials, but how do you land campaigns?

In the beginning, you do a lot of reaching out to small brands. You can find them all over instagram. "Hi, I'm a blogger/influencer and I love your product. I would love to collaborate..."

Be ready to hear some "No's", it's ok. You're get to that "Yes" sooner than you think. And it will feel AMAZING.

Once you have a few AD posts, you can start reaching out to bigger brands. Go to their websites, find their marketing, pr and influencer departments, and email them.

You can also sign up with a few agencies, who make finding campaigns much easier.

Surround Yourself With A Tribe of Mommy Bloggers

My blogging journey was a lot harder than it had to be. I learned as I went and I had no one to learn from. I didn't have a tribe, so I created one. And this is when my blog truly blossomed. We all learned so much from each other, and continue to do so daily.

We help each other out, support each other, and share tips and tricks constantly. Remember that you do not have to do it alone.




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