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Disney Junior's T.O.T.S. Tiny Ones Transport Service

Princeton and Skyler of Sweet P and Sky, posing in front of the T.O.T.S. display at the Disney Junior Party in Burbank California
Disney Junior's T.O.T.S. Screening Party and Brunch

A few weeks ago, the boys and I were invited to Disney Junior's Screening Party and Brunch, for T.O.T.S. Tiny Ones Transport Service, an adorable show geared at kids ages 2-7. It follows the adventures of best friends Pip, a tiny penguin, and Freddy, a young flamingo, as they help the storks deliver baby animals to their parents all over the world. Problem solving and teamwork, coupled with a fun soundtrack to make the kiddos dance and sing along, make this endearing show entertaining and fun.

Everyone knows, when Disney calls, we simply do not say no! So when the day came, we were ready in no time and arrived in our favorite Disney gear.

The party was held at the Disney Channel Headquarters in Burbank, CA, and as soon as we walked in, we were delighted to see some familiar faces.

I have to say, I love attending all of these events even more than I used to because wherever we go, we run into friends from this fun industry of ours.

The boys got to see some of their buddies, even though they may not have totally remembered each other from their younger days (a bit laughable since they're only 3 and 5).

We were treated to some deliciously hot Starbucks coffee, and the kids were given fun T.O.T.S. Tiny Ones Transport Service posters for their rooms, before we were invited to have a seat in the theater/screening room, on the second floor of this Burbank, CA office building.

The boys were blown away by this little theater room. It was completely unexpected and new for them.

As we settled in, we were greeted by Miss Kristin Cruz, who introduced us to the creator of this fun kid's show, Travis Braun.

Of course, we can't give you a sneak peek at the show, but I will say this; my 5 year old, who is too cool for school, went in to this with the attitude that this show is for babies, came out dancing, and asked me to put the show on at home. Sorry kiddo, T.O.T.S. airs June 14th, so you have to wait just a bit.

After we watched a couple of episodes of T.O.T.S. Tiny Ones Transport Service, we joined Tony winning actress and voice of KC Kuala, Megan Hilty, and creator Travis Braun, for a fun and absolutely delicious brunch, where a plush toy and surprise eggs awaited the kids at their seats.

What I absolutely loved about the T.O.T.S toys that were given to the kids, is that the kids actually played with them. The surprise eggs were filled with tiny baby toys and bottles, and came with one baby animal. Both of my boys, picked up the bottles and fed their baby animals. I got to see this sweet, nurturing side of my rough and tough boys, and I truly appreciate these toys for bringing that side out in my little ones.

Princeton got a Pip the Penguin plush, and Skyler got a Freddy the Flamingo plush. Skyler has not let go of his Freddy since. It's so precious how much the boys enjoyed the show and the toys.

We really enjoyed chatting with Megan Hilty, who was so wonderful to all of the kids in attendance.

If you have kids between the ages of 2 and 7, they are going to love this show. Boys and girls alike! Check it out June 14th on Disney Junior, and don't forget to set your kids up with some T.O.T.S Toys!

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This looks like it's going to be such a great show! Can't wait to watch it!



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