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Christmas Time at Tanaka Farms | Hikari A Festival of Lights

We have been out more than ever this year, but from the comfort of our own car. These Holiday Drive-Thrus are such a blessing this year. So many fun and safe drive-thrus, to be enjoyed from the comfort and safety of your own car.

A couple of weeks ago, we joined the OC Mommy Blogger Tribe at Tanaka Farms, and we could not believe our eyes. In just a few short weeks, Tanaka Farms transformed from a Halloween harvest, to a winder wonderland.

The boys and I really enjoyed the drive, and watching for how the farm changed since we were last there to pick pumpkins. And we especially loved that this particular festival of lights had a multicultural name.

Translated to English, Hikari means Light. I believe this is a beautiful touch by the Japanese family who owns Tanaka Farms. Anytime we can expose our children to different culture

es, and worlds, is deeply appreciated by me.

So we discussed the name and the meaning of the word, and really enjoyed celebrating light at the Hikari Festival of Lights.

Can I just say, do not miss out on Tanaka Farm's Christmas Kettle Corn. It was delicious, and we even got to bring some home to hubby.

The boys had a great time yelling from car to car to other kids that they didn't even know. Social interaction is so important during these Social Distancing times. And I was happy to see them laugh and enjoy themselves so much.

We got to meet a few of the farm animals, and even got a stern talk from the Tanaka Farms turkey. Gobble Gobble, sure had a lot to say!

Of course, a quick visit and talk with Santa was a big highlight for the boys and me.

And at the end of the drive-thru, we enjoyed walking through the Tanaka Farms Holiday Market, and Christmas Tree Patch.

We loved seeing all of our friends, who we greatly miss...

And the kids were absolutely overjoyed to run through the Christmas Trees with their friends.



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