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Celebrating New Year’s Eve with Ring Pop

Thank you Ring Pop for sponsoring this post.

New Year’s Eve. What a magical evening! An ending of a chapter, the close of a year, and all that came with it. We think of it as an opportunity for a fresh start of something new, fresh. An opportunity to get out and celebrate life’s new beginnings.

Hubby and I always loved going away for New Year’s Eve, to celebrate together in a new and exotic location. But as our boys got a little older and more aware, we realized that we wanted to include them in the magic of new beginnings and give them a celebration of their own.

Noon Year’s Eve has become one of our favorite traditions. Every year, we gather all of their friends at our house around 11am, we have snacks and music, and do apple juice toasts. And at noon, we do our Ring Pop ball drop.

The kids get to yell “Happy New Year '' and cheer. The kids are always beaming with excitement. But the very best part is that they get to eat the Ring Pops after the ball drops. And with so many colors and flavors, each of our little guests can have their favorite Ring Pop flavor.

This year, I got to enlist the help of my favorite little crafter, our 6 year old, Skyler. Skyler loves crafts and he loves candy even more. So this was the perfect project for him and me to enjoy together.

So, if you would like to make your Noon Year’s Eve party sweeter this year try this activity because let’s face it, Ring Pop makes every party sweeter.

What you’ll need:

2 - Ring Pop Party Packs (these include 20 Ring Pops in each Value Bag)

1 - Bouncy Ball (size of your choosing)

1 - Hot Glue Gun

1 - Pack of Hot Glue Sticks

1 - Ribbon 12in ribbon (color and length of your choice)

To start, simply warm up your glue gun and one by one begin gluing the Ring Pops to the surface of the ball. One dot of glue should suffice, as you want the kids to be able to pick the Ring Pops off of the ball easily when they are ready to enjoy their delicious Noon Years Eve treats.

Once you have covered the surface of the ball, you may choose to stop there or add a second layer. For the purpose of this blog, we will be adding a second layer of Ring Pops in the same fashion as before. One dot of glue to make it easier for the kids to pull off and enjoy.

Skyler and I had such a fun time working on our Noon Year’s Eve Ring Pop Ball, this most certainly will become an annual tradition.


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