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Candytopia: A Sneak Peek


New place, same face! Some sweet news for you - Candytopia will be open starting March 2 in their new Santa Monica location! Tickets are currently available for purchase! If you have any ticketing inquiries, please email us at or send us a direct message!


Princeton, Skyler and I, are so lucky to have been invited to preview the sweetest LA interactive experience, Candytopia.

This pop-up is a sugary overload for the senses. The creator of Candytopia, is none other that The Candy Queen herself, Jackie Sorkin, candy stylist to the stars. Jackie made her incredible vision come to life with a colorful and vibrant, Willy Wonka style exhibit, that steals the imagination and simply makes you smile.

Room after room, world after fantastic world, Candytopia delights and excites.

We began our journey to Candytopia with a pink photo op. The photo ops are endless here, and all of the staff are more than willing to assist with snapping a few pictures for those of us who left their selfie sticks at home.

As we were finishing up our "pink wall" photo sesh, the doors opened to the Candy Library, where we got to meet the fabulous librarian, who fed us candy from her enormous candy drawer and told us all about the wondrous world inside.

The fist room we walked into was a beautiful jungle world, candy animals and all.

We then turned the corner to find a beautiful, bright and open rooms filled with beach balls and candy.

The kids imaginations soared as they played in the underwater world of candy fish, sharks and even divers. Did I mention, there's candy to be eaten in every new world.

The kids loved this white room with giant inflatable balls to roll around and chase.

Next up, was the masterpiece room where the paintings were made of candy, and we got to sit in a gorgeous mirror throne.

We followed a long, colorful hall to a psychedelic room, where unicorn piggies toot confetti toots and you can jump down the rabbit hole.

Finally, we took off our shoes and went for a dive in the Smash Mallow Marshmallow Pit!!!!!

This was the highlight of our day!

We had to take a slide to exit the marshmallow pit, where we were greeted by a lovely lady who gave each of us a Smash Mallow bag of delicious marshmallows.

This is also the final stop on the delicious journey through Candytopia, the candy shop, of course.

The Candytopia opening has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, however, the new opening date will be announced December 18, 2017. For tickets and details, go to



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