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The boys have been watching BAKUGAN Battle Planet on Cartoon Network and, if I'm being honest, I'm totally on board. It reminds me of all the anime I watched as a kid.

Get ready to brawl!

Ok, so, summer is here and we’re excited about one of the hottest toy lines around—BAKUGAN, the amazing transforming collectible toys complete with battling game and anime-adventure series on Cartoon Network, is taking over, and we have two incredible prize packs to give away! Whether you’re a huge fan like my boys or just want to answer the call to brawl, comment and follow me on Instagram at to tell me what you love about BAKUGAN.

Two winners chosen at random will win this BAKUGAN dream prize pack, which has everything needed to become the ultimate BAKUGAN Brawler. Winners will be notified upon the closing of the weeklong contest.

BAKUGAN prize pack includes:

1 Battle Arena

1 Starter Pack

1 Battle Pack

1 Bakugan Ultra

1 Baku Storage Case

The giveaway runs until Friday, July 19th, so get your entries in now!


Roughly a decade ago, Spin Master launched BAKUGAN, an anime series that evolved into a global phenomenon, capturing the hearts of children around the world. At the close of 2018, Spin Master re-launched BAKUGAN Battle Planet, and the BAKUGAN toy line is recruiting and reacquainting fans with the world of BAKUGAN, activating tournaments and fan experiences at some of the biggest conventions across the country.

At home, fans can immerse in a world that includes: an innovative toy line with new technology; a revived card game; extended content, sneak peeks and 90-second character webisodes available online at and on YouTube; a mobile app; tutorial videos; and a mobile mini game where fans can battle. A BAKUGAN Dragonoid Monster Jam Truck, toy and battle size for Monster Jam live competitions has also been unveiled.


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